What is HistoriCity?

HistoriCity is a service that combines city marketing/branding , histotainment and well-researched information in order to find new ways of bringing all the stories and people that make up the identity of a place to life. Working closely with the local cultural department and city marketing office, after an intensive research phase we create a unique city tour which makes a place’s past tangible through the means of modern digital media. Be it reading, listening or watching – by consuming a mixture of different kinds of content, the user experiences the space around him in a new, historical dimension.



Suspense galore – historical criminal cases


Voices of a town


Classic city tour

Generally, we offer several different models of historical tours. In accordance with the individual needs of our customers, we can put a stronger focus on different aspects of town history.

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Why HistoriCity?

Cultural marketing has nowadays become an indispensable motor of tourism for most cities. Attracting visitors, showing them the special places of a city and giving them an unforgettable experience has thus become more important than ever.

History can and should be exciting. It tells us about all the things people are capable of – be it good deeds or bad ones. Thus, it makes us understand the life of our ancestors, their ideas, dreams and actions become traceable. This gives us an understanding of the complexity and diversity of human life and its cultural products.

But when historical facts are being retold, often they fail to grip us and touch us emotionally. A lot of people associate history only with dates and long-forgotten events that have no bearing on our life today.

At HistoriCity, we consider it our goal to bridge this gap, to bring together scientific factuality with entertainment and excitement. Our Audio-App makes historical figures and their world come to life in sounds and images, just like an audio-book or film. It appeals directly to users’ emotions and makes the past spring to life before their eyes. It tells anecdotes as well as people’s fates and personal stories that aren’t common knowledge. Bu these stories aren’t chosen randomly, but rather try to transmit an image of the past in a comprehensible way, always in accordance with the latest research. That way, the user learns about history in a playful way. As a citizen, he gets to know his own town better and to (re-)engange with it in new ways. As a tourist, he takes home new knowledge that will always be inextricably bound to this particular place.