Would you like to increase your visitor numbers or gain new groups of visitors?

Special Occasion

Is there perhaps a special occasion coming up (e.g. an anniversary) and you would like to give it due recognition?


Or are you just generally looking for new innovative ways of presenting your place’s history to visitors?

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But you’re not sure how to manage and afford such a project?

Common problems:

Mobile apps

Apps enable your visitors to explore a place without worrying about opening hours and they keep on being very popular, especially with younger people.

High costs

But developing an app is still quite costly and many smaller and medium-sized places can’t afford it.

No content

Most offers for app development only include the technical side of things, you’re still responsible for generating appropriate content.

Time intensive

It takes a lot of time and effort to fill an app with content, a problem that is often underestimated. Apart from that, there are certain presentational methods the medium requires, which aren’t always easy to follow.

We have a great solution for you

HistoriCity offers a complete solution by

  • providing the technical framework
  • managing the entire process of conceptualization and research
  • creating the content based on your needs

We deliver a finished product that is customized for your place and can be used immediately. And what’s best: Both content, and technical functions, can always be expanded later. This means that you can start with a smaller scope and adapt your app step by step in accordance with your needs.

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Please get in touch for a free & non-binding offer.
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Our Offer is also suitable for small budgets.
We promise.

Since the technical framework for the app’s implementation has already been developed, you won’t be paying the usual tens of thousands of euros for developing a new app.

  • Instead, one of our offers is based on a subscription model, where you only pay a moderate monthly fee for the supply and maintenance of the app.
  • This subscription can be cancelled annually, which means you do not take a high financial risk and you’ll be able to test your visitors’ response for a certain while.
  • We charge a one-time package price for the creation of content. This varies depending on how extensive and time-intensive the research and content creation are for a given project.
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How does it all work?

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